Charitable Funds Committee

Grants over 10K are reviewed by the Charitable Funds Committee with £1,149,340 being awarded for 2011/12. Grants include;

£224,736 STAN Monitors

The STAN (ST ANalysis of fetal ECG) fetal monitoring system centres on the use of a monitor that combines standard fetal monitoring and an automatic, on-line analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram (FECG).

Mary Coakley – Senior Midwife “The STAN fetal monitors will improve the care we offer to women and their babies during labour. A monitor will be wall mounted in every Delivery Room and this will ensure that all women have access to the same level of fetal monitoring. The monitors provide information regarding the fetal condition which determines whether obstetric intervention is warranted when there is an increased risk of the fetus developing birth asphyxia and metabolic acidosis; information which in turn helps the clinician make the right decision at the right time??.

£98,000 Software Upgrade, Mammography Machine

The Breast Centre has 2 full-field digital mammography machines. With a software upgrade, the newer of these 2 machines would have the capability to perform digital breast tomosynthesis (3D imaging of the breast). This increases the diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy of mammography, especially in women with dense breast tissue. Conventional 2D mammography is less sensitive in younger women with denser breast tissue.

Dr Philippa Young, Consultant Radiologist“3D breast tomosynthesis would increase mammographic sensitivity for detecting breast cancers, especially in younger women, enabling detection of cancer at a smaller size and therefore at an earlier stage. It would use the need of repeat radiological tests as is much more sensitive and this in turn would reduce the anxiety of patients for a diagnosis which is currently heightened if they are awaiting further tests to confirm whether or not cancer is present. It would result in less invasive surgery which would reduce time taken for operations and also reduce the number of patients that have to go on for further reconstructive surgery therefore releasing theatre time or allowing those waiting to be treated more quickly. There would also be a shorter length of stay which would lead to more efficient use of beds.

£50,000 Quiet Rooms

A successful bid to the Charitable Funds Committee enabled areas across the UHB to be refurbished. To ensure a corporate feel they have been furnished alike. This successful project is shortly due to be completed with a total of nineteen areas being fully or partly refurbished.

Jane Mellor-Rowlands Bereavement Nurse “Initial feedback from both staff and families has been extremely positive. The standard and high quality finish has also been praised. Sue Miles Ward Manager East 1, WHT. “It’s lovely to have this room, it has been used as a quiet room considerably. It has also been used for meetings between the patients and their Psychologist, Doctor, primary nurse and therapist??.

Sandra Smith Senior Nurse Manager Integrated Sexual Health, CRI “It's been a godsend! It's surprising how much we use the room especially when two incidents attend the same time or we have people with mental health issues who need to be in a quiet environment. Many thanks; the quiet room has really improved the experience for our patients??.

Anthony Jones Ward Manager C7, Llandough “I think the quiet room is fab. I've had nothing but positive comments about how much of an improvement it is. It has been well utilised both for grieving families and for meetings regarding discharge planning in appropriate surroundings.

Karen Rowlands Ward A3 Link, UHW “Families and patients commented how nicely furnished and comfortable the room was and they felt that their confidentiality was maintained when we were away from the ward. Also patients and families felt at ease??.

£50,000 Education and Research Bursary Scheme

The UHB has introduced an Education and Research Bursary Scheme. The scheme will enable the organisation to proactively support their staff, by paying course fees of UHB staff that are pursuing higher degree programmes such as MSc, MPhil, Professional Doctorate or PhD courses.

Lesley Jones Head of Learning, Education and Development “Improving services for patients will be a key indicator to receive the bursary so patients will benefit from being dealt with by motivated supported staff and the potential for some of the higher degrees research to actually impact on the service they directly receive??.

£24,999 Bilirubinometers

The Bilirubinometer is a non-invasive, transcutaneous bilirubin measurement system which allows clinicians to assess the risk of hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice) in newborns.

Mary Coakley Senior Midwife “Using light instead of a heel prick to take blood for assessment of jaundice in the laboratory, the Bilirubinometer enables an instant result by using a simple, gentle touch. This equipment will eliminate costs and time associated with blood tests and laboratory services. There is less risk of infection, less trauma and no pain for the baby while enabling a faster time to discharge or a decision towards treatment??.

£19,440 Overnight Chairs

Currently there are no facilities for parents to stay on the wards overnight whilst their children are being treated in hospital. Limited parents accommodation is available, however parents choose to stay at their child’s bedside. The overnight chairs, having a dual purpose, will allow better daytime and night-time access.

Avril Gowman, Senior Nurse “Provision of such facilities for parents to remain with their children will minimise the stresses for child and parents as well as ward staff. This product is multi use, upright chair and bed, making better use of the limited space on the ward and nursing access to the bed??.

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