Fundraising Tips

Fundraising TipsFundraising shouldn't be a chore but it does require planning and organisation to make it easier. This section is intended to give some help and advice but do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Stay safe & legal

Raffles & lotteries - (whatever you call them, in law these are the same things and governed by the same rules).

Tickets - Cannot be bought by under 16's.

Private lotteries - You don't need a licence if you organise a raffle at work or club as long as it takes place on the premises and the tickets are only sold to members.

Small lotteries - You don't need a licence to hold a lottery at an event providing ticket sales and the draw is held at the event. No tickets should be sold before the event takes place.

Public lotteries - If your lottery is open to the public and sold over a period of time (i.e. not exclusively at a special event) you must have a licence and this is provided by your local council. If the value of the tickets exceeds £20,000 you must register with the Gaming Board.

Collecting money

A licence is needed for a a public collection; this is provided by your local council. Please obtain permission from the owner, landlord or manager if you would like to collect on private property e.g. a pub or shopping centre. It is not permitted to make door to door collections without a licence. Only over 16's may collect money (in London over 18).

Cardiff & Vale health Charity has a small stock of buckets, collecting tins and security seals that should be used if you are collecting money for us. Please return these to us after the collection.

Counting money

We always suggest that money is counted in the presence of at least two people and it is banked immediately after the event.

Organising your event

See our A-Z for inspiration if you are stuck for ideas.

Think about which event sounds do-able for you.

Roughly speaking, plan on raising 3 times your cost.

Think about all the potential costs for your event – feel free to ring us for advice 029 2184 1802.

Can any of your costs be met with sponsorship or can you get things for free or a reduced rate?

Work out what your break even point is to cover costs e.g. how many tickets will you have to sell to cover your costs? How many people do you need to attend your event?

How many tickets will you need to make a profit or hit your fundraising target?

Can you raise further money at your event with raffles, bingo, heads and tails etc.

Could you ask people to make pledges at your event?

Important things to think about

Will you need any licences or special permissions to run your event?

What about insurance? Cardiff and Vale Health Charity cannot be liable for third party events.

Be careful about photography. Ask people if they mind appearing in a photograph before one is taken and if children are to be in the photograph, ensure that you have parental consent and permission to use the material after the event.

Keep records

It'll be much easier to keep track of your event if you record money received and money spent as you go along and it'll be easier to ensure that you know who to thank after the event.

Promoting your event

Shout it Out!! Don't keep your event to yourself!

Download and adapt our press release template and send to all local media.

Include magazines – both on-line and off-line and aim to get listed in what's on sections.

Send out your release to news desks or community reporters about a month before the event and then follow it up. Be prepared to send it again as it may not have been received.

Tweet about it and tell all of your friends on Facebook.

Join our Facebook community and follow us on Twitter.

Download our posters and get them up and around the community – think about who is likely to attend your event, where are they likely to see a poster.

Circulate an internal e mail about your event at work –making sure that you have any permission necessary.

Useful links: Institute of fundraising

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